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Creative wizard by Aziz Acharki

De Ruimte, Amsterdam

Sat 19 & Sun 20 Mar 2022

kindle your

immersion weekend

Spend a weekend in playful freedom where the only intention is to discover how to connect in playful and creative ways.

Everything we do has a potential for creative sparks. Whether we are deep in conversation, making love or writing a symphony, at the basis of a satisfying relationship with each of these things is the feeling of creative flow.

In its essence, creative flow needs the freedom to move, to make mistakes and to let go of judgement: it needs space to play.

Often we have many stories that block our creativity, that tell us we aren't good enough, that we have to be better, that we just aren't creative people or that we are only creative in one medium.

In this weekend we throw all this shit at the wall to expand our creative nature and allow these parts of ourselves to shine through. Together, we will cultivate a safe and inspiring playfield for us to meet the parts of ourselves that hold us back and enter into this space of creative freedom.


who is this for?


This is for anyone who wants to expand on their creative expression, whether you already spend your life in creativity or don't feel you have engaged in it since school.


There is creative potential in all of us. Over these two days we will unearth whatever is ready to be revealed, exploring our blocks and our potential to create a truly playful space that focuses on bringing joy, awe, connection and freedom to our lives.

what to expect


In two days we will move between different exercises to connect deeper to the creative impulses in our bodies. Sometimes we use dance, other times drawing. At times it may be through conversation and at others it may be through body percussion music making. It will be a creative process that will respond directly to the needs present in the group.

We will be search for a place where we shape and create as a group, to compassionately meet the judgement we carry towards ourselves and each other and to discover a deeper sense of play that exists underneath all creative endeavours



The sessions run from 10h to 17h on both Saturday and Sunday.

Wear clothes that you are happy to move in.


The cost is €145 for the whole weekend.

People throwing balls and having fun in a play and creativity workshop
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