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Candy Stripes

one on one

Would you like to find a deeper clarity on yourself and how you interact in the world?


Are there parts of yourself that you struggle to accept?


Would you like an open space to explore deeper parts of your emotional reality?


I offer a 6 week individual coaching course that uses different embodiment methods to connect you to the parts of yourself that hold you back and bring into deeper acceptance of your emotional reality.


what will happen?

These sessions help build confidence and courage, empathy for yourself and others, and will support you to embrace difficult parts of yourself and meet difficult emotions in a safe environment.


My focus is in creating a safe and permissive environment, using movement, talking, art and/or parts work, for us to take a step into the unknown and discover how you can be living a life that feels more in line with your dreams.


My training comes from a variety of methodologies, from somatic trauma work to shadow constellations, tantra to improvisation. Each session will be led by what is most present for you and what you want to look at.

how will it work?

I work in blocks of 6 sessions, we will aim to have one session a week. All sessions happen online within an environment that I will set up with you.


The sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.


Between sessions there will sometimes be exercises or tasks we come up with together for you to bring into your daily life.


I offer a free 20 minute online call to see if there is a fit for both of us. 


I am being supervised by a qualified psychotherapist throughout these sessions, I will therefore sometimes be discussing our experience confidentially with her to ensure I provide the best possible experience for you.

what is the investment?

It is €500 for all 6 sessions.


Send an email to or click here to arrange a free 20 minute initial conversation.

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