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Abstract Blur

De Ruimte, Amsterdam

Sun 12 Jun 2022

for men*

longing to feel more spark?

Tired of the same old ways of connecting with others?
Grindr and fast connections becoming a bit samey?

Come and discover a new way to connect with other GBTQ+ men.

In this workshop we will open up our playful nature and use it to create moments of intimacy with yourself and others. Become more playful and open to giving and receiving intimacy with others.


This monthly evening will be filled with music, play, movement and discovery of new connections (alongside deepening those that already exist).

what happens?


We start with a meditation and solo movement exploration to soften and get in touch with your intimacy needs and desires, whilst bringing a playfulness to your body.

Then we will do a few exercises that connect you to the other people in the room, explore different aspects of intimacy and open up more ideas for play. It is not a sexual space, but one of sensuality, laughter, holding and possibility.

The evening ends in a soft cuddle space to allow us to rest together and connect in a more open space.

Men affectionately holding each other while making eye contact

why play?

Play is an essential part of what makes us human; it’s how we learn, how we connect and how we deepen our relationships. However for a lot of us true instinctual play doesn’t have a role in our adult lives. Let’s change that together!

It doesn't matter if you feel playful every day or if you haven't played since you were a kid, this evening is for everyone. We will start in a gentle way that will allow you to participate at your own pace with permission to discover your playful self.


Here, you will open up parts of yourself that feel joy and want to be seen, held and loved by others. Let's journey into that together.




The evening runs from 18.30 to 21h.

At De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam.

€25 per ticket


*The evening is for queer masculinities (a spectrum of male-bodied, male-identified, genderqueer, and non-binary identifying people).

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