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Pink Sand
Gay men teasing and being erotic by Ketut Subiyanto

Anatomie Studio, London

Sat 25 Jun 2022

playFull sexuality
for men*

How can you find more excitement in your sex life? More creativity? More satisfaction? More depth?

This is an introductory day for GBTQI+ people to playfully delve into ways to bring deeper intimacy, joy and fun into your sex lives.


Whether you are single, partnered or anything in between, we all long for a full and fulfilling expression of our sexuality, however we often get stuck in habits and feel that we’re not having as much pleasure or fun as we could..


There are so many dimensions to sexuality, from deep intimacy with barely any touch, to soft sensuality, to a great hard fucking. This day will help us go deeper into exploring our desires at any given moment, discovering the things that stand in the way of really surrendering to our sexuality and expanding into how to bring a more playful embodiment into our sexual experience.



Please get in touch if you want to have a chat about the weekend. I am happy to talk to you and see if it feels like the right thing to be doing at this moment in your life.


The weekend runs from 10.30h to 17h Anatomie Studio, Station Passage, London SE15 2EJ.


Early bird spaces at £85 are available until 13 May.

After that, spaces are £100.

This day is for queer masculinities (a spectrum of male-bodied, male-identified, genderqueer, and non-binary identifying people).

Men touching each other

why play?


Play gives us the opportunity to explore something for the sake of creative exploration. It is an attitude that take us towards feeling like we are in flow,out of our heads and more deeply connected with ourselves and each other - all essential to fun, fulfilling sex.

The day will be a gentle and joyful introduction into this; you will be held exactly where you are, without needing to push or feel pressured to leap outside your comfort zone. This is about you getting the best, deepest and most nourishing experience possible.

We all deserve to have great sex, so fuck the shame away and let's step into discovery together.

what will happen?

In this session we’ll discover and play together in a safe consensual environment, where each person will be fully empowered to speak their boundaries and their desires.

We’ll do this through a number of exercises, from deeper sharings to movement and contact games.

This is a playful exploratory workshop and will not involved any penetrative sex with other participants, but rather give you the space to explore the aliveness in your sexuality and move that into action.

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