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Sat 4 Jun 2022

rest, movement and touch

Do you want to experience connection without needing to perform, strive or prove anything?


What if your eroticism emerged from what your body actually wants and not an image of how it should be or what it’s supposed to want? 


Would you like to discover your eroticism rising from a place of your inherent worth rather than a place to prove it? 


This exploration of radical rest and your erotic flame is a gift to yourself. A chance to step out of daily life and sink into something restful, playful and sexy. An opportunity to explore connecting more deeply to yourself while creating beautiful connections with others. 


This mini-retreat, will offer a day of rest, play, movement and touch. A space where you can be surprised by your own body. Where touch and presence and curiosity are a language in and of themselves.


An invitation to connect to your body, your presence, your enoughness. To fan the erotic flame and connect with others.


what will happen?


Skylar and Simon will lead you through a series of exercises designed to take you into a deeper restful relationship with your body so that you are able to feel your deeper desires and needs. From this point we play with bringing these out in a soft and gentle way and give you the space to truly be you before connecting with other men*.




The day takes place in a beautiful studio in North Haarlem a short distance from Het Schoterbos and the Kennemerduinen (Address upon registration).


The day costs €125, or €115 before 9th May. 


*The day is for queer masculinities (a spectrum of male-bodied, male-identified, genderqueer, and non-binary identifying people).


There is an option for nudity at the event, but this is totally optional and will never be required from anyone.

who's facilitating?

This full day immersion is a co-creation between Simon Magnus and Skylar Haven.

Skylar (they/them) specialises in supporting queer and trans folx to increase connection with and ease in their body and with physical/mental/relational wellness related topics. They are the founder of Queer Somatics and Collaborative Motion, alongside being an embodiment and intimacy coach, certified yoga therapist and currently training as a s*xological bodyworker.

Check out their websites at and

As you are on Simon's website he probably doesn't need an introduction. You can read more here.

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