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White Fabric

De Ruimte, Amsterdam

Fri 17 - Sun 19 Mar 2023

the sensual heart #3

eros immersion weekend

what's that?

Welcome to the third edition of The Sensual Heart weekend - three days to explore your sensual and erotic desires, your pleasure, and your heart. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded men, discovering more intimacy, freedom, and joy.

At The Sensual Heart, you'll get to melt into contact with other men - softening our defences and gently opening our hearts in intimate connections.


We’re here to break out of the habits of hook-up culture, and create a non-judgmental, accepting space where you can own your desires and your longings, and hold them with gentleness and love.

You’ll get to explore the full spectrum of intimacy - from connecting deep with your heart, to passionately with your body. There will be space for softness - touching, hugging and cuddling - to more playful and arousing sexual encounters.


We will create a warm inviting space that gives you the space to be you.


who is it for?


This weekend is for men who love men, or who are curious about exploring with other men. For men who want to open to deeper intimacy, connection, freedom and joy. 


Do you desire more authentic connections? Are you seeking a space where your full self is welcome, including your emotions, your fears, your desires, and your pleasure?


This weekend is for you.


The Sensual Heart is for queer masculinities (a spectrum of male-bodied, male-identified, genderqueer, and non-binary identifying people).


You will have the opportunity to connect emotionally and sensually with other participants, always within consent and boundaries. To create a safe-enough container, we will all operate in an agreement field rooted in respect of self and each other.



The weekend runs at De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A,  Amsterdam.

The schedule is:

Friday 19h to 22h

Saturday 10.30 to Sunday 14h

Dinner on Saturday, plus breakfast on Sunday will be provided. There will be time to go out for lunch on Saturday or participants can bring a lunch.


On Friday night you will be sleeping at home (although there is potential for out of towners to sleep in the space).

You are asked to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and anything else needed to sleep in the space Saturday night, mattresses will be provided. Sleeping in the same space on Saturday night is an essential part of the whole experience.


Please get in touch if you want to have a chat about the weekend. I am happy to talk to you and see if it feels like the right thing to be doing at this moment in your life.

Full price ticket is €295 we offer a low income ticket for €255. 


If you feel you have extra financial space we offer a supporter ticket at €335 which enables those with less financial means to join.


who's facilitating?

The weekend is a co-creation between Simon Magnus and Jason King.


Jason is a Sexological Bodyworker and somatic sex educator. He is passionate about helping people expand their sense of what’s possible in their sex lives. Jason works with individuals and groups to manifest powerfully healing embodied experiences, build community, and embrace our erotic oneness. Learn more about Jason at

As you are on Simon's website he probably doesn't need an introduction. You can read more here.

what to expect


Over three days we will explore various practices to help drop into your body and unearth your desires. 


Friday evening is a time to meet each other, discover and get playful. A time to allow yourself to come into connection with others in the group and begin to sink into your heart.


On Saturday we'll practice connecting from a place of truth and love, and what challenges arise as we step into a space of intimacy. We will do practical exercises around creating and holding boundaries alongside discovering and speaking your desires.

In this way, we prepare to enter a tantric temple on Saturday evening.


What is a tantric temple? This is a space where we practice connecting with intentionality. Where you get in touch with what you really want from moment to moment, and break out of habitual sexual patterns.


Invitations of the temple:


  • How can you invite your heart to be present in your erotic connections?


  • How does your sexuality become an integrated part of your whole self?


  • What new ways of connecting are possible when you move from curiosity?


In the temple, you’re invited to be your full, rich, messy, delightful self. And in doing so, to open to love in all its forms.


To support the opening of your heart, we will share in a cacao ritual. Ceremonial cacao has been used by cultures in the Americas for centuries as a way to open hearts, quieten minds and bring people into deeper connection.


If this is your first temple, Simon and Jason will facilitate the space so you are safe and feel as much freedom as you can to explore in the way your sensual heart desires.


Following the closure of the temple on Saturday night, participants will sleep in the space. All participants will be sleeping alone.


Sunday morning we will use playful methods to come back into connection to share, integrate and reflect on our experiences, learnings, and challenges.

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