Yellow Stairs

Odessa Muiderpoort, Amsterdam

Fri 11 to Sun 13 Nov 2022


A weekend for people who want to connect deeply – queer-positive and open for everyone. 


Would you like to refine and relish your embodiment and indulge in exploring touch and sensuousness within a kind, safe and juicy environment? 


Are you interested in challenging your assumptions of what might happen when you immerse yourself in sincere and profound encounters with others?


Eager to question existing definitions and binary categorisations of what intimate interactions can be and feel like for you?


Well, SPARK is your perfect forum: You'll get to experience the work of three amazing facilitators bringing you different forms of embodiment, intimacy, play and ceremonial work.


Fulfilling intimacy is available for you and everyone, regardless of attraction, agenda or preference. This festival brings down the barriers between you and the joy of new and expanded connections.

what will actually happen?


Ralf Jaroschinski, Laurie King, and I will facilitate an enriching and heart opening cacao ceremony on Friday night. We will then step into a space of Contact Improvisation, exploring physicality and co-creating movement together. We’ll deepen mindful and honest communication through Authentic Relating, an interpersonal meditation practice designed to help you share and listen from the heart. Finally, consciously thrilling playwork launches an integrated flow between all the practices which will most certainly transcend our fears and expectations.


The three of us will lovingly hold space throughout the whole weekend. Come and SPARK a renewed sense of self by diving deeply into your embodied reality and connecting with others on a whole new level. Let's celebrate our interconnectedness, get ecstatic collectively and truly have fun together!



The festival takes place from 11th to 13th November at Odessa Muiderpoort in Amsterdam.


The weekend looks like this:



19h to 21h - Cacao ceremony and connection space to meet each other in a soulful container



10h to 18h - Workshops to deepen our connection with embodied reality, play and authentic connection

19h to 23h - Optional Ecstatic Dance Playground



10h to 16h - A playful combination of co-created movement practices, authentic communication and exploration of layers of intimacy, followed by integration to truly land this weekend into the rest of our lives


Tickets are €195, and for people with low-income we offer a €165 ticket.


Tickets are available at

If you have any questions about the weekend please don't hesitate to get in touch.

who's facilitating?


The weekend is a co-creation from myself, Ralf Jaroschinski and Laurie King.

Ralf was born in Southern Germany and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He trained to become a professional dancer in Germany and in New York. He worked as a dancer, assistant and choreographer with many dance companies in Europe and Asia. For over 20 years, he has been specializing in facilitating alignment and contact improvisation for dance companies, universities, schools, studios and festivals in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.

Laurie is dedicated to enabling human-to-human relationships to arise, deepen and flourish. He has organised and facilitated over 200 Authentic Relating, Dating and Embodiment workshops in Oceania and Europe. His training includes the Authentic Life Course, the International School of Temple Arts, and the Connection Institute. His portfolio includes internationally acclaimed festivals such as Stretch, and organisations such as ART International. For more information, go to

As you are on Simon's website I probably don't need so much introduction, but you can read more about me here.