Metal Shine

De Ruimte, Amsterdam

Sun 18 Sep 2022

wild play

unleash your pleasure

What if you could own all of your desire - your horniness, your turn-ons, your erotic power? Even those parts that you may feel you have to hide, unsure if you'll be accepted or received.

What if you could let go of the shame that is preventing you from fully stepping into your sexual being? For it's often in the spaces that we hide, that our richest gifts emerge.

Wild Play is a queer day to connect to those parts of your sexuality that might not get to be seen very often or that you live in the shadows of your erotic life. It's an invitation to tap into our Wildness - our outrageous, can’t-be-contained, larger-than-life, unlimitedly powerful selves. And to explore what’s holding us back from stepping into our unfiltered, raw potential.

We start by getting in touch with the wildness that exists in all of our creative expressions, that part that's rough around the edges, that doesn't have to be perfect, part that wants to be desired, that wants to devour, to surrender, and to express.


It's a day to move through and past shame, to allow our fantasies to run wild and connect and explore with others in their own wild imaginations.


We work from a sacred place of learning to ask for what you desire while respecting one other's - and our own - boundaries. The day will be hot, horny and safe. We will co-create a space where you are able to explore these parts of yourself in a contained, consensual way.


In the evening we will open a conscious Wild Play Party, where you get to explore your wildness, your outrageousness, and your longing in a free yet held space. Our play space will be full of treats for tasting your sensuality, including edible surprises to enable your wildest expression.

Wild Play is juicy, sexy, delicious, and different. You won't want to miss it.


Join us for a day to step into our edge, and become truly wild. 


who is it for?


Wild Play is for people of all genders and orientations who want to explore their wild side.


Very queer friendly and LGBTQ+ 


As an advanced exploration, this is a day for folks with previous experience exploring conscious sexuality, tantra, or other related personal development work.




The day runs from 10.30h to 22.30h at De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A,  Amsterdam.

Price: €120 regular / €95 low-income ticket

Participation in Wild Play is through invitation. This is a day for folks with previous experience exploring conscious sexuality, tantra, or other related personal development work. We would thus like to have a brief call to tune in with all participants to ensure it feels right for you.


Submit your contact info on our Inquiry page:


We'll then contact you for a brief call to discuss your experience and intention for the day. If it's a mutual Yes, we'll send you a payment link.

who's facilitating?

The day is another co-creation between Simon Magnus and Jason King.


Jason is a Sexological Bodyworker and somatic sex educator. He is passionate about helping people expand their sense of what’s possible in their sex lives. Jason works with individuals and groups to manifest powerfully healing embodied experiences, build community, and embrace our erotic oneness. Learn more about Jason at

As you are on Simon's website he probably doesn't need an introduction. You can read more here.