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Pink Sand


Berlin - 10 & 11 Sep 2022 

A full weekend to reconnect and rediscover playfulness in your sexuality, to connect with others and have space to express your desires and have them met...



Amsterdam - 18 Sep 2022 

Unleash Your Pleasure - a queer day for all genders to connect to those parts of your sexuality that might not get to be seen very often or that you live in the shadows of your erotic life...

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spark intimacy

Amsterdam - 11 to 13 Nov 2022 

A co-creation with Odessa, a festival that brings down the barriers between you and the joy of new and expanded connections.  Experience the work of three amazing...

White Sheet

the sensual heart #2

Amsterdam - 2 to 4 Dec 2022 

The second edition of this eros immersion weekend for GBTQ+ people. A deep dive into sacred, sumptuous and delicious sensuality. A whole weekend to connect and rediscover...

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who am i?

PlayFull Living has been created by me, Simon Magnus. I am a movement practitioner who specialises in working with groups to help each individual connect more deeply with their bodies and their own emotional realities. I have been creating transformational arts events in the UK for the past 20 years and since 2016 have been training in somatic trauma work.


I have worked around the world to help people connect intimately with themselves and others. My audiences are diverse: from children to those living with acute mental health issues; clowns to office workers in suits and ties. For me it is super important to create brave spaces where risks can be taken by participants within their own boundaries and choice.


Over the years I have been a theatre director of interactive, immersive and gaming experiences, written a graphic novel and facilitated (as well as trained facilitators of) many many workshops, events and retreats. At the heart of everything I’ve created has been a commitment to creativity, flow and play.

Simon Magnus
People having fun at a play and creativity workshop

what is playFull living

At the heart of all creativity is the ability to play.


Play creates a space where mistakes can happen, where creativity can flourish and new ways of connecting can be discovered.


PlayFull Living invites you to bring a playful attitude into all aspects of life. Whether that is in our friendships, working lives or sexuality, we create a space where we fall back in love with playing creating a new way to be in the world, with ourselves and each other.

We play to discover, we play to find peace,

we play for the sake of playing.


"There was such a deep sense of peace"

mat- participant

"Such a deeply held space, I felt more free than I've been for years"

tim- participant

  "I'm surprised it touched me so deeply"

karen- online participant

"I want and need to be playing like this every day"

eva- participant

"Everyone is still talking about it, a complete triumph, thank you"

jade- corporate client

"I was pleased to find some compassion for myself even at my most frustrated"

miranda- online participant

"It puts into perspective that when there's a lot of play there's a lot of joy. So as adults there's a lot of joy that's not being allowed to be explored so this a beautiful part of this journey"

keren- participant

a selection of some

corporate clients:


"Well I guess we all know how to play!"

jacob- participant


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